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Our School

Established in 1930 as an all boys school, Box Hill High School is now a co-educational school. In 2007-2009, a large upgrade of the facilities was undertaken by the Victorian State Government. These upgrades included the creation of a number of new classrooms, a new gym, library, numerous computer labs and the refurbishment of existing science classrooms. A few classrooms still have blackboards from the school's opening but he majority have been replaced by white boards. In 2010, the school celebrated it's 80th anniversary and celebrations included a reunion for previous students and the current students dressed up in clothes appropriate for the time period and were served commemorative cakes baked in the food tech classrooms.


Welcome to the Box Hill High School Reunion website!  The idea for this site originated during and following the 50th reunion of the Class of 1960 of Box Hill High School  The 50th reunion was aided by a number of people too many to mention in entirety... but special mention is given to Neil Andersen, Bruce Smith, Ian Broadhead, Allan Carlile and the late Paul Kitchen who did yeoman work in putting all the pieces together.

However, with 5 years having passed, the Class of 1960's 55th reunion is happening next week on November 18, 2015 at the Box Hill Golf Club; site of the 50th reunion in 2010 (Guess they have forgotten). 

The 50th reunion-year coincided with the 80th anniversary of the founding of BHHS, and many thanks are extended to Principal Mrs. Kate Mitchell and Assistant Principal, Mr. Neil Davis.  Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Davis worked graciously with Bruce Smith and the 1960 committee to coordinate the class celebration date with the school’s planned festivities.  Again, we are indebted to Ms. Mitchell for her willingness to host a touring party of former students on the 55th reunion day!

The Class of 1960 reunion date was shifted several times to accommodate the school's arrangements, but Kate and Neil's help permitted both an extended guided tour of the school facilities and the opportunity to meet a number of the current students.   The most obvious change immediately apparent to the “old boys” was the fact that, where they roamed the facilities without the need to consider the “fairer” sex (except for the presence of Merle and Mrs. Mollison), now the entire BHHS facility incorporates the presence of young ladies… whose presence certainly brightens up the halls!

During the 2010 guided tour, the “old boys” noticed many changes had taken place since they left BHHS. The - as then incomplete “new” -assembly hall which was taking over the tennis courts is now the small assembly hall used for theater practice, etc. and has given way to a newer, larger modern assembly facility where the old “sloyd” buildings and the “pre-fabs" stood.  The Quadrangle that had been the site of countless General Assemblies (and much muffled laughter during class passage across earlier grades) now has planters and table-seat configurations that inhibit the organized class-by-class line-up that regulated lives at BHHS in the '50s and '60s.  The loss of the “grand parade” of teaching staff to the elevated station above the seemingly plebian group of boys lined up across the Quad, and the inspection” by prefects, house officials and the occasional teacher has removed a large part of this “character building” the 1960 Class and earlier classes received... which "benefit" was also received by later classes for several years. 
Enjoy your look at our reunion and feel free to apply for full membership with Reunion website privilege (open to all BHHS graduates and approved persons) to permit access to class member bios and other privileged information.  Full membership will also permit you to post your own bio and photos so that classes that were either before or after 1960 can participate on this site and help build the BHHS-community of reunion memories… helping to keep the reunion site up-to-date with local events and contact information. Thanks for visiting, and remember “Ad Altiora Certamus”!