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11/14/2014 by: Ray Doreian

Most of you will realize that "Bryan Doreian - Class of 2001" is a "ringer".  Our youngest son, Bryan is a dual citizen (Oz-American) and an avid "watcher" of all things BHHS and will take over duties on the site when Doghouse runs the last race and breaks out of this world. 

In late 2011, Bryan set aside his labors in biophysics research to join me at The TriniCore Company while simultaneously developing his own company "Wysebridge" (if any of you have any interest in the US Patent Bar, check out his site).  However, that hasn't stopped either of us from pushing the US health industry.  At this time/the end of 2014, we are urgently working to implement some new strategies to improve health and simultaneously help reduce costs from the US healthcare system.  This is based upon that last 20+ years of experience, especially with a communications industry multinational's health plan, and the result of inquiries and Bryan's continuing research in the field of nutrional biologics.  The task now is to get funding and access with a large population group to produce the results that data suggests, with the 5-year goal of providing major improvements in health and systemic cost reductions.