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In Memoriam

  John (Jack) Foster
Teacher, Gentleman - died November 24, 2012 (details from Jill Phillips)
At one time or another, John (Jack) Foster taught geography to most of the classes either side of 1960. He was Ken Phillips mentor, not only in geography but also cricket: Jack was opening bat for the Box Hill Methodist Church Cricket team where Ken also played. Following BHHS, etc. both Jack and Ken taught at Vermont HS and later, Jack was Ken's referee when he applied to teach at Hailebury College. Jill Phillips fondly remembers Jack as a family friend and her Sunday School teacher. At age 90 on November 24, 2012, Jack Foster went to be with his Lord.

  John Cheffers
Teacher, Friend: died Oct. 2012 (details Laurie Prosser)
On a sad note, Margaret Cheffers called yesterday Oct. 31, 2012: John passed away in his sleep on a flight from Boston. He had been in hospital in Boston for 7 weeks and was keen to return home although he was quite unwell. His son Mark lives in Boston and flew home with him. John died just 4 hours off the Australian coast: he was 75 years of age. Laurie spoke with him several times while he was in hospital in Boston, the latest on Grand Final day where he had a direct feed of the game and hoped for a Hawthorn win. He had worked extensively with Hawthorn in the mid 60`s, introducing "commando type" training that helped them achieve the 1971 flag. John's impact at BHHS and on us was prodigious. His influence helped many of us to better prepare for the world at large. He was an inspirational man, full of energy, creativity and intellect. John authored 20 books, completing his latest book "Only the Educated are Free" just six months ago. John will be missed greatly: RIP.
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  Paul Rex Kitchen
Died on December 27, 2011
While Paul did not complete his HS years at BHHS, his quiet contribution during his years with us were memorable. Paul left his mark with us again in helping us with the 50th reunion. He stepped smiling into the role of "data collector and coordinator" - pooling the information for us and arranging easy access to the "then" website. Paul was diagnosed with a very aggressive cancer in 2011 and went to his Lord on December 27, 2011. (Unfortunately,the site Paul developed "disappeared" in 2011 and we are requesting and collecting data to repopulate the bios and photos that were available at the time of the 50th reunion... along with any new information.) The link to Paul's "life summary" will be available shortly

  John Harrowfield
Died in April 2007
Quiet John (Hag) Harrowfield passed from this life in April, 2007. John had been battling cancer for a short while when he attended a rushed get-to-gether at Neil Andersen's farm in January 2007. Hag's wife Carol kindly brought him to the gathering where he had a good time while the group roasted Doghouse (back for his niece's wedding), and relived BHHS days with Ian Broadhead's radio-like reporting of several cricket matches in which Hag featured. Much laughter surrounded John's last public outing and Carol told us that this event and the faithful followup from event attendees gave John some of his best days as his health failed. Hag, Rest in Peace!

  Rob McGookin
Died in 2007
Rob (Lewy the Lizard) passed away in 2007 (per Ian Broadhead) Rob, thanks for your good sense of humor! RIP

  Doug McCann
Died in the 1990s (Details from Barry Stagoll)
Died in the 1990s following his career in RAAF. Doug's first wife died of cancer and his second wife from a car accident.

  Ken Phillips
Died in the 1990s
Ken passed from this earth at an untimely age in his early 50s. Ken was always physically fit but apparently this did not aid his quest for a replacement heart (which Doghouse understood from Jill when they spoke in 2007). Apparently he was determined to be "too fit" to need a replacement for his enlarged heart. Sadly, Ken died within a year from that diagnosis. Ken will always be remembered for his steady bat and his constant attack on the football. Ken's wife Jill (nee Greenwood) was at Neil's place in 2007 and it was a great joy that she came to the 50th... and we all wish her well and hope she will make the 55th!

  Mr. J.A. Mollison
BHHS Principal - ("The Mole") - died late in 1983
Mr. Mollison passed away in late 1983 following a protracted illness. (A January 1983 visit to his Box Hill home by Neil Andersen, Alan Carlile and Ray Doreian is recorded on the Blog page.)